5 Tips for a Great Float Tank Experience

For my birthday this year I was given a gift certificate for a float at Float North County. I had never heard of such a practice, nor of said institution, and I was surprised to learn of its location in Solana Beach--right in the Lomas Santa Fe Plaza (that sleepy old shopping center where We R Fabrics resides).

My curiosity piqued, I scheduled an hour float with owner Glen and made my way over. I envisioned a dark warehouse, or perhaps a giant cave with strange people moving about in the shadows. To my delight, I discovered that Float North County is a bright and clean place of relaxation. Owner Glen gave me a thorough walk-through and made me feel very much at home.

Fast forward a couple months and I’m on float number 8 and I cannot get enough. Benefits I have been experiencing after emerging from the tank are: sounder sleep at night, more relaxed muscles (especially lower back and neck), and really smooth skin (from the epsom salts and magnesium).

Everyone needs to try floating. Here are my 5 tips to get the most our of it:

  1. Pick the right time to float. After a workout or yoga--yes. After a long day of work, or at night before going to sleep--yes. After coffee or a few beers--no.

  2. Keep your eyes open or closed. It doesn’t really matter since you won’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

  3. Enjoy the silence. This might take a minute to get used to. Our hyperactive, overstimulated minds are not used to utter silence.

  4. Try different positions. One thing I love about floating is there is no wrong way. Everytime I go I discover a new position. I’ll leave it to you to experiment, but arms akimbo or crossed over the chest Dracula style are a couple fun ones.

  5. The floating experience gets more profound each time you go. The second time I floated I went much deeper way more quickly than the first. Now when I float I am able to drop right into the stillness. My personal post-float relaxation factor is growing--I’m noticing more clarity and creativity when I emerge.

Float on, my friends.

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