Ujjayi Breath Technique for Yoga and Relaxation

Are you BREATHING PROPERLY in your yoga?

The #1 concern I hear from students: "I don't think I'm breathing correctly in my yoga classes."

It's no big surprise since the large majority of teachers aren't cuing proper breathing. In fact, most of them are barely breathing consciously themselves.

In this short tutorial video, Andrew Belinsky of Namastage teaches us the ancient yogic breathing technique called ujjayi.

This breath is perhaps the most glossed over, yet foundational element of any yoga asana or breathwork practice. If you do yoga, please make sure you understand ujjayi. Otherwise all the cool moves you do can actually leave you more stressed out than you began.

Slow your breath down, feel its vibration and allow this breath to be the guide for your practice.

PS: This breath also is a great relaxation tool for your daily life--so give it a shot and see how you feel!

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About Andrew:

Andrew Belinsky is a spiritual mentor and musical enzyme. His primary mediums are yoga, music medicine and circle facilitation. He holds a certificate in yoga from the American Viniyoga Institute (RYT-500), Music Medicine Facilitation (MMF) and Health Rhythms Drum Circle Facilitation. He created Namastage out of his passion for the transformational power of mindfulness and music.

He currently resides in San Diego with his wife and their daughter.

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